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LYS: Lellabella in Venice, Italy

On my last day in Venice, a must for me was a quick visit to the only yarn store I could find listed; Lellabella.  I had walked past it a couple of times this weekend, but only when it was closed.

Anyway, got there this morning for a quick look at some yarns that I would not often see back home in the UK.  It is not a large shop, but the yarns stocked are very nice.

6E1839B1-2583-4030-B8B3-0E02BCB8F85CLella Ella shop window displaying selection of yarn balls and finished knitted articles.

Some lovely 100% Merino caught my attention first, but as I was looking around, I saw the Four Seasons yarn from Laines du Nord.  It’s a 94% cotton and 6% nylon mix which is really soft.  In the picture above, the tray of mango coloured yarn in the top left is the same.  I think the owners have knitted swatches for every yarn they stock which is really helpful.

I purchased a selection of pinky/purple/lilac balls, most likely to make a scarf or shawl, and probably knitted.  The deeper purple has not come out right, so I may try and get another picture sorted.

Selection of pink through lilac to purple Four Seasons yarn

I am limited on space in my luggage, hence only getting as much as I thought I might need.

So, over the next two weeks I shall review Ravelry to see what takes my fancy, or maybe think of something myself.

Happy crafting folks.




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