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Friday Roundup #5

As I had planned, I finished the Lucy’s Lucky Shells shawl by JoCreates.  All blocked and wrapped up in coloured tissue paper, ready to give to the lucky recipient.

Of course, before I wrapped it up, I took some pictures for you to see this wonderful pattern finished.

It’s nice to have a rectangular shawl, so it’s more of a wrap type.  So many patterns are for a triangular shawl.

Isn’t it lovely.  Now it’s blocked, you really get to see the shell pattern coming through in the body of the shawl.

Hopefully, the recipient will enjoy wearing this shawl.

This pattern by JoCreates is fairly easy to work as it uses simple stitches, so it should be good for beginners.  It is also good experience in following a chart.  So, hopefully you will give it a go.

On to other things.  No walk last weekend.  There was just too much to do in the garden and getting the shawl finished, the brambles were taking over and threatening to climb over the polytunnel.  I am sure you can imagine, large sharp thorns and plastic are not great bedfellows.

Tomatoes, as I have said before are a bit ‘meh’ this year.  Suffering from my lack of work in winter to prepare the soil.  We will get some but not the bounty we had last year.  As long as the beefsteak do ok, I’ll be happy though.  Those ones cost a pretty penny in the shops.  I replaced my little greenhouse too, the previous having suffered in the snow, and have four plants in there now.  Hopefully they will do a bit better as they are in pots of grow-bag compost.

We’ve just a week to go before the holiday, so we are busy with the last minute things to do.  I am really looking forward to the trip to Italy as the last big trip, was quite a while ago.  I am sure I will have some pictures to share with you all of the lovely Italian countryside.

In the meantime, it’s a short weekend trip to Devon and the start of Fair Week, and maybe one more walk along the cliffs or possibly on Dartmoor.

I also need to think of a crochet project to take with mean holiday.  I have plenty in my Ravelry queue, so that will be my first stop after checking what’s in my stash.



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