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Whoops! Yarn addiction strikes again!

Sometimes I think that my posts are like buses; you’ll wait a while for one, then three come along one after the other. 😉

Here I am, on a business trip to Birmingham, so I thought I would pop into John Lewis to look at some yarn and things, just to mooch post work.  It was either that or an Aperol Spritz as I passed a marketing board advertising Apertivo.  Yarn won out though.

It’s on my way to the hotel I stay at.  Well, I say on my way; I do have to go up an escalator, across a shoppping precinct and up a further three escalators to get there, but in yarn terms, that’s on my way!

So, I was perusing the yarn, thinking about future craft plans.  All the while thinking, “You know, you do have enough yarn is stash… really you do.  Why do you need more.”  I am sure you have all thought the same too.

But then, as I was walking out, I spotted two display crates of chenille yarn from Sirdar.  Hmm, ok.  I do need to plan for another blanket.  And this was all 50% off.  Well, needless to say I started tallying up the yardage, thinking about colours.

Then I was like “Meh!  I’ll just buy the lot.”  So, here I am with 15 balls of chenille yarn for £33.  I mean, when do you see deals like that.


Now, as I sit here I am thinking that I really need better will power.  I am weak when it comes to yarn and a bargain.  I am also hoping they will all fit in my suitcase so I can smuggle them back into the house!

I do have some dark blue and white chenille in stash, so I think I can get a decent size blanket out of stash and the light blue.  The purple could be incorporated or made into a nice cushion.  The Plush Tweed might make a lapghan.  It’s only 576 yards, so it’s tight.  Alternatively, I could make a few cushions, depending on the pillow size.

Although, I can’t help thinking the colour is rather teddy bear like.  That would be outside of my comfort zone.  But it’s tempting.

I guess I will be surfing the patterns database on Ravelry tonight.  And cramming yarn balls into a suitcase too.  Lucky for me, these are all lovely squishy yarns. 🙂

Tips on resisting yarn temptation gratefully received!!  I am sure it should be classified as an addiction.

As to that Apertivo, it was probably the cheaper option, although no good for watching the weight!



Now, I wonder if the bar has Aperol and Prosecco.

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