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Sunday, Sunday

Well, Saturday’s BBQ turned out fine.  We had 8 people arrive, but enough food and drink for a small army!  The weather was patchy.  Mostly cloud with the odd mini spell of rain, although never heavy.  Being typical Brits, we still sat outside with our drink, food and a patio heater.

Sunday however was the three W’s – warm, wet and windy.  And being on the coast, it’s what my Dad used to call ‘clagg’.  The misty kind of rain that gets blown by in waves and if you are out in it, you are soon wet with a film of water on your face, rather than droplets.

So, adding a further W, I hauled the weaving out and cracked on with that.  Set up at the dining room table, with a good view of the garden and the weather.

First though, I started a swatch of crochet, which I never got around to yesterday what with the preparations; tidying the patio, mowing the lawn, cleaning the BBQ and food prep.

Other than some essentials food shopping (we have enough burgers etc) it was definitely a crafty Sunday.

These two picture I took this morning.  The purple Surfina is just one plant.  I have plans for next year to do taller planting so that they had down creating a tower of flowers.  The other is the garden; mostly green at the moment excepting the Cotinus (Smoke Bush) and my solitary Sunflower.

As to the weaving, I am on the last section which will take me 20 minutes at most.  I had to stop though to wind on some more weft.  I’ll finish it Wednesday when I get back from my work trip.


I hope you all got crafting this Sunday.  It would be great to know what you are working on.


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