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Friday Roundup #6

Ok.  So I didn’t quite make it to post on Friday, but have you seen the time that I post at normally?  I am a bit of a night owl, so this is when I tend to be writing a post, coming up to midnight, or just after in this case.

First week back at work and its been rather full on, so I haven’t started any craft work yet.  I am hoping for some peace and quiet first thing tomorrow and I’ll try out another swatch in a different cotton yarn.  This one is a mercerised cotton yarn from  Patons in a DK weight.  I am expecting some good stitch definition.  you only see this shine in good light or in this case, the flash of the camera.


I have a bit of a BBQ to prepare for Saturday (today!) so the morning will be most consumed by that.  Pray for dry weather, if not sunshine.  Thanks.

During the holiday, one of the stops was at Vicenza.  Wondering around one of Palladio’s buildings I snapped this pic of the top of the column.  I couldn’t help thinking that I could use that as a crochet border on something.  I just need to think how to convert it to stitches.  I always find myself looking at patterns when out and about, and thinking if they would be suitable for crochet conversion.  Does anyone else do that?


Another thing I brought back from holidays, was a liking for Aperol Spritz.  It’s quite refreshing, and not as bitter as a Campari Spritz.  One bottle purchased!  Just need the sunny weather and I could almost think I was back on holiday.  Here’s a snap of my last one before heading back.


Lastly, for now, you may have read in a past post, me bemoaning the brambles taking over the garden.  Well, I can live with them at this time of the year as I have a lovely crop of fat, juicy blackberries.  These ones ended up in a frangipane tart.  I never got around to taking a picture of the tart; mainly because it was not my best effort and I have done better before.  I hope some of you are enjoying the fruits of the hedgerows too.


I saved some for the freezer, so that I can make an apple and blackberry pie once the. Bramleys are ready.  In the freezer I found some damsons.  I’ll have to have a look at them and see what they are like.  Possibly 2 years old.  But might be ok for Damson Gin.  I haven’t made any for a while, and think I might get the large Kilner jar out of the cupboard.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend.



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