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Back to the grindstone

Hey All.  After taking my summer holidays, I am now back home, unpacked and getting back to work (and the nightmare of emails from two weeks) and also back to blogging.

I had hoped to have done another LYS post from where we were at Lake Garda, but I could not find the store.  So, rather than some pics of a yarn store, here are a few of the lovely scenery of the northern end of the lake.

The Bougainvillea were in glorious flower and clothed some of the buildings in their bright, unabashed, explosions of colour.  Blue skies, puffy white clouds and big mountains, the northern end of the lake reminded me a lot of our Lake District in the UK.  We used to visit there a lot when we lived near Chester.  And when I used to drive a lot to Carlisle for work related business, as summer slipped into autumn, I loved the bronzing of the bracken.  And then when the heathers come alive and cloth the hillsides in purple, you just can’t beat it for rugged beauty.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to yarn.  Other than day to day work, I have a couple of plans for the next couple of weeks yarn-wise.

Firstly, try and finalise my design and test swatches.  The idea is a large-ish beach wrap; simple in design and easy and quick to make up. Clearly, cotton yarn is needed for this, for a couple of reasons.  Durability, stitch definition, easy care and lightweight and cool to wear.  I have completed one small swatch so far, testing the Laines du Nord yarn I picked up in Venice.  It does cover most of my points above, but I fear it is too thick once crocheted, so I shall be raiding my stash to see what I have there.

I have two WIPs to complete.  One is the granny square blanket, but I am ok if that moves into autumn and cooler nights.  Making blankets at that time of the year serves two purposes; one, keeping legs warm and two, making something for someone or ones self.

But I do have the loom warped and in progress on the scarf I started a good few weeks back, or should that be two months.  It was shelved to allow us to get on some long walks at the weekends, ready for the holidays.  If I make a concerted effort I could get that completed in a weekend.  I really want to move on to some towels, so I need the loom free.

Plus, it’s that time of year again, where we (or at least I do) start thinking about present making and how quickly that time will fly by, as we watch the nights slowly draw in.  I see maybe some woven table mats in someone’s stocking, and possibly something knitted for someone else.  I am sure hats will be in there somewhere; always good for a quick make.

Is anyone else in that mode yet?

Anyway, have a lovely week.  I hope to be back to posting Friday RoundUp later this week, so I hope you will drop by.




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