Stashes, Swatches and Whoops!

I decided that I needed to dig into my stash to see what yarn I had that was suitable to contribute to my knitting challenge blanket squares.  And to give it a bit of a tidy, so that’s what I have done in Sunday.

Little did I realise how much I had I stash.  Of course it’s on my Ravelry stash, but seeing it online is different to actually seeing how much yarn you actually have.  I mean, just look at it.

If  you have read past posts (such as Yarn crazy  or I go weak… or Whoops! Yarn addiction strikes again! ).  I think you get the picture :/

Now, this is only one  ball deep, so it’s probably not as bad as it looks.  But it’s enough to probably say I should have a moratorium on buying any more yarn for a little while until I have used up some of this stash.

But I brought these on Sataurday!  So they don’t count.

Although, Lovecrochet.com sent me an email withup to 50% of DK yarns, and there were some from a Juniper Moon in the offer.  And you know I cannot resist a deal like that.  I mean, come on; £11 odd instead of £22 for Wool/Silk blend.  Who wouldnt?  I’m not on commission but the offer is on until 21st Nov I think.  But I am drawing a line and not buying anymore yarn until the new year.  Wish me luck!

As a result of my stash busting I came up with some yarns to consider using for my Knitting Challenge.  I’m looking forward to putting the fuzzy yarn to the side and trying out something a bit more normal.  Some of those yarns are currently in swatches or part completed projects that I am not going to finish.  Either because I don’t likehow they look or just the wrong yarn used for the swatch.

So, these are two of the swatches that I came across.  I had made and chucked to one side as they were not working.  The orange/red one, I had seen someone wearing a hat that had thsee staggered, diagonal rows.  Wrong yarn chosen.  I guess it was just some random yarn to hand.  The other was me just trying some Tunisian crochet stitches with some spare yarn.  Both will be repurposed I think In to the blanket or balled up for something else.

Anybody out there with a Whoops! they want to share.  Or did it not even make it to a photo stage before it was frogged.

This one in this gorgeous blue colour went wrong from the start.  As you can see I already have been frogging it for a repurposed knit or crochet.  I disliked the top of it, so I pretty much fell out of love with it, and it was doomed from then on.

This hat went wrong from the start

Then you have the other end of Whoops!  This hat looks ok like this, but it’s actually huge.  I was clearly crochet for someone with a massive head or masses of hair.  I like the colour and bands.  But it’s just massive.  I did think I could tack the band up, but it’s still massive 😀

Do any of you followers have Whoops! in your past that you still have?  I am hoping I am not the only one willing to share.  

One of the benefits of a root through your stash is that you find some ‘I forgot I had that yarn’ moments.  This beautiful cotton yarn in an amazing sea green, I purchased in Totnes at the Stitchfest last year.  I must have gone back twice or more to check it out before I decided to buy it.  I just need to get it balled up, so I’ll be visiting my LYS and put it on the swift.  Unsure what to make or knit or crochet, but it’s a good 1200 metres.  It’s from Perran Yarns; their site is well worth a visit.

Isn’t it gorgeous 

Lastly, I knitted up another hat in a different colourway to my last one.  I made the band slightly shorter and I managed the decreases better this time.  I don’t think it needs 5 inches of stockinette though, so I may do another with less.

Here it is with my first one.  I love this colourway too.

That’s all for now anyway.  Hope you have a good rest of the week.

21st Nov Edit: correction to name of yarn manufacturer and the fibre blend

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