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Friday Roundup #17

Here we are again at Friday, end of the working week for some. With me on my own this week, I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. No weaving 😦 but I did do some knitting.

I started my scarf in the Bergère yarn that I made my first knit hat in. I started off doing a 3×3 rib like the hat but it was curling and I didn’t quite like it, so I ripped it back and started again, this time in Mistake Rib. And I am happier with this.

I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked. Most of the time I was doing this whilst watching a film and whilst it should be easy; 2 knit, 2 purl to the last three then 2 knit and 1 purl, repeat each row; I sometimes found myself adding an extra knit or purl in. The result of which meant ripping back the row to where it went wrong.

So I have decided this is one I need to do in quiet time so I can focus on the knitting.

I do like this stitch. It’s give the illusion of thickness without being heavy or dense. And it’s nice and stretchy too, so I am hoping it will make me a nice scarf.

My Juniper Moon Findley DK Dappled arrived this week. It’s a lovely 50:50 mix of extrafine merino wool and mulberry silk.

The colours I chose are Hot Coco and Castaway (the blue). I thought that they were lovely colours that reminded me of the coast here with the blues of the sea and browns of the sand and rocks. I am thinking that they will make a lovely scarf when paired together. I just need to find a pattern now. Each skein has 262 yards or 238m in its 100g and take a 4mm needle (US6) or a 4.5 to 5.5mm crochet hook (US7).

If you remember, last week I went through my stash to see what is in there. I emptied all the bags out and stacked the balls up and thought, ‘Wow, I need to use up some yarn from stash.’

Thing is, when I was looking for something under the stairs, I found another two bags! So I definitely do not need to buy anymore yarn for the moment. I’m going cold turkey!

Speaking of turkey, best wishes for Thanksgiving, to those readers in the US. I hope you have a great weekend.

And for those of you that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you are up to. Happy Crafting.

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