Friday Roundup #18

I’ve been focussed on getting this scarf worked so that I can move on to something else as soon as possible.  With just weeks to a Christmas, I need to get something on the loom and on the hook too.

However, as I have been working away on this and stopping now and then to check my work, it came to me why I liked this yarn colourway so much.  It reminds me of stained glass.  Those rich hues of blue, green, red and yellow that you so often see in stained glass windows in churches.

I do like this stitch though.  It gives some amazing stretch in the resulting knit, yet is like something with memory of its form, as it just rebounds back to the ribbed look. Here it is as if it were a stained glass church window (it’s a crappy image, but you get the gist).

Tomorrow I head off for my second day of weaving, learning about using pickup sticks to make interesting patterns in the weft and warp. I’m looking forward to getting some more experience and confidence, so that I can make more interesting pieces of woven fabric other than scarfs.

I’ll be taking a couple of pieces with me to get some critical opinion; one of the best ways to improve. So I am hoping I shall come back all fired up again to get the loom warped up and something worked. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of time at home over the next two midweeks, with work taking me away for a couple of days for various meetings.

And whilst I have not completed all of my list of things to craft before Christmas, I have achieved some of it, plus getting some practice in knitting and knitting in the round.

To date I have made a crochet Shawl, a crochet blanket, two knitted hats and almost a knitted scarf. I always wove a houndstooth scarf, although I cannot remember if I did that before the list or after. It I’m going to include it anyway as it is for Christmas. So, not too bad, but not quite as good as some of you out there that have been knitting or crocheting up a storm.

Oh, I got some sparkly yarn. It’s probably a 2 or 2.5 hook and I am going to try some tree ornaments. No picture yet, but they are only 25g balls, in a sparkly orange and blue. The orange is to go with my new decorations for the tree this year. They are all shades of amber which just looked amazing in the shop, so I hope I can achieve the same look.

So, have a lovely weekend and I’ll maybe see you Sunday with an update on my work from tomorrow.

Happy crafting.

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #18

      1. do it! it’s really a lot simpler than you’d think. I’m about to release a post with some instructions and a free simple pattern so you could try that?


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