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Sunday, Sunday

I had a great day out weaving on Saturday.  I thought it might just have been me there, as when I arrived there was no one else there, but then I was early.  But, two more turned up which was nice, so it was the three of us learners and the tutor.

We learnt about the premise behind using pick up sticks with a rigid heddle loom, and then were straight into choosing our yarn and warping the looms.  Soon enough we were onto our first task; 3/1 floats.  I have done some pickup stick work before, and whilst I knew and guessed there was a lot more choice and ways to use the sticks to produce numerous effects in your fabric, I didn’t have the understanding behind it.

You can only get so much from YouTube or websites.  Sometimes you need to be there with a teacher for support and to fully explain things.  By the end of the day, I had a finished sampler of about 7 or 8 different ways to use floats in your work.

I also had a look through a great book which I put on my wish list.  It has so many variations included and really got me excited about the next bout of weaving I’ll be doing.

Anyway, no pic yet of my work.  It needs the tassels finishing and to be washed and blocked, then I shall happily take a snap.

If you are tempted to try weaving, definitely look into a class.  It is well worth it.

Saturday night and this morning and evening I worked on my Mistake Rib Scarf.  It’s coming on.  I am now about 3 feet in I think.  A little way still to go.  Five feet would be ample.  I need to make sure I leave enough yarn for mittens though.

My next weaving project yarn – tea towels

I really need to warp this up tomorrow night.  I’m three weeks away from people decending on us for Christmas and have to have my loom packed away under a bed, plus these tea towels, once made, might be gifts.  Time is ticking. :\

So, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Back to work tomorrow.

See ya!

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