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Friday Roundup #19

Is it really Friday already?  It seems to have taken a while to get here.  I’ve been away for three days, shut into a conference room for most of the day so have not seen it go from light to dark!  Plus, these roundups get later and later.  They should be the x minutes past… Continue reading Friday Roundup #19

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Sunday, Sunday

I had a great day out weaving on Saturday.  I thought it might just have been me there, as when I arrived there was no one else there, but then I was early.  But, two more turned up which was nice, so it was the three of us learners and the tutor. We learnt about… Continue reading Sunday, Sunday

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Friday Roundup #17

Here we are again at Friday, end of the working week for some. With me on my own this week, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. No weaving 😦 but I did do some knitting. I started my scarf in the Bergère yarn that I made my first knit hat in.… Continue reading Friday Roundup #17