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Friday Roundup #19

Is it really Friday already?  It seems to have taken a while to get here.  I’ve been away for three days, shut into a conference room for most of the day so have not seen it go from light to dark!  Plus, these roundups get later and later.  They should be the x minutes past midnight on Saturday morning round ups!

But now I am back home and all pleased to see me back and I am fed and watered (with the alcoholic type) 🙂

So, normally I would take some craft with me, either crochet or knit, but the past two evenings I knew that I would not get chance to do anything.  Plus I had little spare space in my bag as it was.  Therefore, knitting has not really progressed much this week and I will need to focus on it tomorrow morning before getting out and doing various other chores.  You can see where I am up to with my scarf below.  It seems like only a little more than last time 😦 but I think it is more than expected.

I can’t use much more yarn than that else the mittens will be short.

One of my jobs for this weekend though is to get the loom warped with some Cottolin and start on some tea towels.  I was hoping to start last weekend, but no joy on the Sunday.  I am trying to decide whether to do checks or just do some thing more simple such as some solid green blocks in the warp and then pick up now and then with alternating thicknesses in the weft.

I also ordered some 100% wool yarn, as you can see above.  Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore until the new year and had used some stash.  But I really want to weave a scarf that I could full quite a bit.  Not quite felt, but like the soft scarves you can buy in the shops.   So when I saw that LoveCrochet had a discount on some 100% wool, I checked my stash and I didn’t have any.  See, I did at least check first!  That’s my excuse anyway.

I am hoping that these colours will create a nice scarf with a bit of plaid in it.  The light blue is the main colour and then the others will form alternating thickness of warp and weft, and some accent colours, with the crossovers blending together to create interest.  No weft floats in this one as the interest will be the fulling and blend of the yarn.  That’s the plan anyway.  It’s not lambs wool which would be ideal.  And it’s not cashmere which would be too expensive for this test.

That’s the plan anyway.  It’s something I shall probably do in between Christmas and New Year. A swatch will be needed, to see how it fulls.  Wish me luck.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend and look out for loom updates on Sunday.

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