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One dish towel woven

Well, I managed to get some more of the scarf knitted yesterday morning.  And I started on the next ball of yarn.  It just wasn’t long enough to stop, so I am doing a little bit more.

As to the weaving.  I was planning to do the Cottonlin yarn, but I decided to do something a little quicker for the first attempt.  So I decided to use some cotton I brought for another towel which is thicker yarn and takes less time to weave.  I’ve still used some of the Cottolin yarn doubled for the hem section.  The pattern draft suggested the section was a finer yarn.  I think this is so that the turned hem does not result in being too thick.  The top section you can see in the picture below will be turned twice and hem stitched in place.   I might ask my neighbour to hem it for me.  She is an interior designed and makes a lot of her own curtains for her customers.  I don’t know if I can face trying that by hand!

The first one is ok, although I realised tonight that I had warped the loom incorrectly.  It should have been two ends alternating by colour, not four.  So, 2 light green, 2 dark green instead of 4 light green and 4 dark green.  Whilst the pattern is correct in the weft, overall it should be houndstooth effect and not larger blocks.  Never mind.  I quite like it still.

This has been hem stitched so I shall now leave a gap and then start the next one.  Each towel will be about 14 in x 20 in prewash.  I am hoping the weave will close up on the cool wash.  As it stands, it is probably the most balanced weave I have done.  Almost exactly the same warp and weft threads per inch.  If the sett of the heddle were slightly lower it would be perfect.

Hopefully, I can finish the next one tomorrow night and if they turn out ok, I’ll warp the loom for a second batch.  Fingers crossed we get some nice towels as presents for some people this Christmas. 

So, have a lovely week.  I would love to hear what you managed to make this weekend.

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