OMG! Midweek Update

Shocked, I bet you are.  Posting something midweek!  What has the world come to?

But I really wanted to post something short and sweet as I am quite chuffed with my dish towels.  They still need hemming and washing.  My lovely neighbour is doing the hemming for me over the weekend.  Then Sunday hopefully I can wash and press them.

I like how them have come out, even though they should be more houndstooth like.  And I like the colours too.  Best of all, they are pretty much even in size all over.  The picture below is just one of them, although the other is behind it.  Can’t wait to see them hemmed.  The lighter green section is the part that will be hemmed.  When I do another batch, I don’t know that I will do the hem section in a different yarn.  I think it would have been fine in the same yarn.

A nearly finished dish towel

Now I just need to decide who will receive them for Christmas.

Off up to Glasgow tomorrow, so straight to bed now as early to rise for my flight. 

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