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Friday Roundup #20

And because I was impatient and did my post midweek (here) I have very little to say in terms of WIPs.

I have however decided my scarf is long enough after adding a further 10  rows.   No pics yet because today was not the kindest to me and I am shattered.  Anyway, it still needs blocking, I think. Is Mistake Rib blocked?  It’s a little looser at one end than the other, but I can live with that.  The main thing is that it is warm!

Tomorrow is going to be a sorting presents day I think.  We also have some new dining chairs which arrived today, but no one was here (linked to menightmare travel day).  So they need putting together when they arrive.  So generally it is pre-Christmas prepping.

As to craft work, I am hoping to get a further two towels cranked out of the loom.  Different colours and pattern this time.  I think they look nice together.

The green of the cotton exists as you can see in the Cotone

And hopefully my first towels will be finished fully on Sunday; plus washed and pressed.  So, I may have some FO to share.

As to my nightmare journey.  Let’s just say arriving at an airport at 9AM to arrive back home at 5.40PM, when it should have only taken half that including driving from airport to home, I was not a happy chappy.  So very tired hence short post.

Take care and have a lovely weekend wherever you are.

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