Weaving · work in progress

The week before Christmas…

And do I feel organised?  Nope.  We still have some stuff to get done before relatives arrive on Friday.  I am sure it will all happen in a mad rush later in the week.

I was thinking back to September and the Project Hitlist I wrote about.  So how have I done?

  1. Table mats or a table runner – woven – Nope
  2. Selection of 3 Dish towels – woven – two  pairs oven (at least by tomorrow anyway)
  3. Two bathroom hand towels – woven – Nope
  4. Shawl – crochet – Yes
  5. Blanket – knit – Yes
  6. Scarf & Hat – crochet/knit – Yes, in fact two hats and a scarf
  7. Two cuddly toys – amigurumi – Nope
  8. Scarf – woven – Yes, Houndstooth 
  9. Socks – that will be my challenge project – Nope; probably a New Year thing
  10. Something for me – see #6

Six out of ten ain’t bad given multiple nights away on business and I did make two pairs of hand warmers and a hat whist in holiday too.  And I did knit some squares in my bid to get to grips with knitting.

So, I am currently weaving another pair of towels.  This is with the yarn I showed on Friday.  They seem to be coming out well I think.  I like how the colours are working and the pattern.  It’s a fairly simple draft which I shall draw up once finished.  The yarn is not perfect match as the variegated is slightly thinner.  And I am thinking now that I should have gone up a sett to a 10 instead of 7.5.  Too late now.

Towel in progress 

This was at just about halfway on the first towel.  I am a little further on now, but would be all done if I hadn’t had to go out.  If I am lucky, I’ll be done tomorrow night and off the loom.  It’s quite a nice tartan/plaid effect that’s coming through.

And hopefully I shall have my other set back and can get them washed. Let’s keep those fingers crossed they turn out ok.  

Anyway, back to my list; with just a week to go, I am unlikely to get anything else done.  Sure, I could slip in another pair of towels, but I think the other half would be a bit annoyed.  I really do need to be focused on Christmas prep and not Christmas makes.

So, how are you doing for Christmas gift making?  Did you get everything you wanted done?

Bye for now.

PS.  Scarf pics on Friday next; not blocked yet.  And if the feature image I set of the colourful weaving appears, I would point out its not mine.  I just love the brights for this time of the year. I wish I could weave that well.

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