Friday (+1 day) Roundup #21

Well, the relatives arrived hence me not posting yesterday evening. What with working, getting the house ready and then being host, I was too shattered, not to exclude, a little inebriated, that I didn’t think typing a post was the best thing to do.

I never managed to finish the second pair of dishtowels before the arrived, so ended up doing that in the evening, whilst my sis knitted. A family that craft together, stay together,

But I did finish the towels, only to find I had seriously miscounted the length of the first towel, which is now going to be rather short once hemmed. However the look nice and I hope will wash well and full a little. Pictures to follow at a later date. Here is towel one on the loom. I think I posted this last time though. The second one I did 2 picks of the green and 2 picks of the variegated yarn, repeated.

However, here are the ones I finished before. I am quite pleased with these and how they turned out.

So, these are now wrapped up, waiting to be unwrapped in a few days time.

The only last thing I want to say is, have a wonderful time over the holidays and enjoy yourselves. But also, think of those less fortunate and if you can give or donate anything to those in need, do so.

Happy holidays or Happy Christmas, whoever you may be.

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