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Friday Roundup #22

Another week has passed and we slowly slide towards the end of 2018 and commence the new year. We are thinking of going to Devon for the weekend, so that will be nice and a change from home, where we celebrated Christmas.

The past week saw little craft activity as I was waiting for my wishes for presents. Of which I have not taking any pictures. However, I can tell you I received a nice set of KnitPro knitting needles and cords, a great book about weaving and some lovely Molton Brown and Neals Yard shower gels.

I’m not on commission, but here is the link to the book – Weavers Idea Book; Creative cloth in the Rigid Heddle Loom 

It is a great book with lots of ideas for using pick up sticks to support creating different patterns in the weave and also includes some weaving drafts to make various things from clothing to household items. I’m looking forward to trying some out in the New Year.

Anyway, I hope Santa or loved ones brought you gifts that make you happy and hope you are getting ready for New Year and all it may bring.



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