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Project Hitlist

C1E04859-DD65-4ED7-AD3D-FB7090D1217EYou may recall that I mentioned the ‘C’ word in one of my last posts – Christmas!  You all know it’s just around the corner really, and with the nights drawing in and you contemplate whether the heating can stay off for too much longer, I know my head is firing up into present mode.

And as I have completed one gift, I thought it was worthwhile having a few thoughts around what I shall be making this year as gifts.

So, here goes.

  1. Table mats or a table runner – woven
  2. Selection of 3 Dish towels – woven
  3. Two bathroom hand towels – woven
  4. Shawl – crochet
  5. Blanket – knit
  6. Scarf & Hat – crochet/knit
  7. Two cuddly toys – amigurumi
  8. Scarf – woven
  9. Socks – that will be my challenge project
  10. Something for me

Now, how many days to Christmas?  Weel, there is about 100 days to the last posting date, so I’ll need to make sure anything that I have to send off, is done first.  Family are visiting us this year, so that helps a little, although things will need to be finished before they arrive.  Else it will spoil the surprise.  Plus, I still need to make a blanket for the mother-in-law – in the next few weeks!

All I need to do now is search out some patterns, raid my stash, and no doubt add to it.

Any of you out there already thinking the same way?


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