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Friday Roundup #9

Hard to believe that Friday came around so quickly.  This week has shot by.  I hope the weekend slows down a bit, so I can enjoy it.  I’ve been at home all this week, which was nice, but I only got a few rounds done of the blanket.  Each one takes longer and longer to do.  I don’t class myself as a fast crocheter (is that the term) and timing myself to do a cluster, it took 11 seconds.  So, as I am now at around 200 clusters or so, it is taking around 40 minutes per round.

And each round goes up by half a minute.  That’s if I am not watching TV at the same time, of course.  I shall persevere.  I was contemplating a border; I may re-evaluate that decision.  Let’s see how I feel.

So, this week I listed my ten projects on my hit list.  Those that need to be done by a Christmas.  It’s a bit daunting, but I am determined to achieve it.  There may end up being two projects on the go at the same time.

One has been started tonight, literally just before writing this post.  One ear complete!  This could be done this weekend if I focus.


This is from Emma Varnam’s Cute Crocheted Animals, which I have mentioned before after completing my bear.  Unfortunately, my 3.5 hook has gone walkabout so I am on my back up hideous wooden hook, so it was slow going.  I think it was a freebie and I know why.  It is often not catching and holding the yarn as you pull through, or catches.  Tomorrow, a new hook will be purchased.  No doubt I shall find my hook afterwards, but you can always do with extras of the more frequently used hooks.

I’ll probably start my next blanket tomorrow as well.  Hopefully it will go fairly fast as it is chunky chenille yarn.  Unsure of the stitch yet, so thinking cap on.


I am using the light shades for the blanket, and I have some white already in stash, so I should be good to get a decent size blanket.

I don’t think I posted my latest yarn buy.  Lovely Scheepjes Whirl Cotton Acrylic mix in Rosewater Cocktail.  Such a gorgeous blend of colours, it was hard to resist.  It’s an almost perfect match to my Surfinias.


This will be turned in to a shawl most likely.  Pattern to be decided.

Anyway, early start tomorrow to get into town for eye test and no doubt new lenses.  I find I need glasses more and more 😦

Oh well.  Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend.


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