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Are you an Inn-y or Out-y?

Nope, I’m not talking about belly buttons, but where in a yarn ball do you start your crochet or knit.  Do you start from the outside or do you put up with possible yarn barf to start from the inside?  As in the below pic.


I know it can often depend on whether you are using a plain yarn or one of the popular cakes of yarn such as Scheepjes Whirl or Sirdar for example.  In these, it’s a decision to commence with the colour to suit your project which is either outside or inside the cake.

When it comes to plain yarns, or simple variegated yarns, I tend to pull from the centre of the ball.  I used to start from the outside, but I always got frustrated with the ball rolling around the sofa or on the floor.

So, where do you start your projects?  Inn-y or out-y?



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