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Friday Roundup #16

I am so pleased that I finished my first knitted hat.  I was waiting for the DPNs to arrive, and thankfully they arrived on Tuesday.  When I ordered them, I didn’t think about the colour of them, but as they are KnitPro Symfonie, they are rainbow coloured too, just like the yarn.  Whilst they did tend to blend in to the yarn, it was not too bad.  What was most challenging for a beginner is dealing with four needles and an ever decreasing circle of knitting.  It’s like dealing with some creature with too many legs.  Some stitches came off, but luckily only two.  And I still got the pattern wrong on decreases and I stopped decreasing early, but it has sort of worked.

However, I am so pleased, as it has turned out quite well for first try.  What do you experts think?


I am seriously considering getting some more yarn and making some mitts and a scarf.  The pattern I found online here at the Spruce Crafts.

Seed stitch.  Nearly done.  I am halfway through with at least another square to do.  Definitely changing yarn to something less fuzzy though.

All on my own next week as the other half is away on business.  The Loom is coming out.  I may try to do some towels!  Or something else, but not a scarf, shawl or table runner.  Also only 3 weeks to my next class from my voucher.

I really need to go through my stash, so that may be the weekend job.  I keep buying yarn when I have some perfectly good yarn sitting in the cupboard waiting to be used.  It will be interesting to see is hiding in those bags.

And I definitely need to do my winter tubs in the garden, or mow the lawn, if it dries out.

I hope you have something interesting planned for the weekend.

Bye for now.


5 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #16

  1. I love it!!! So good to see it finished. It looks great. I’ll post a picture of my version (I’m doing the pattern it came with in the Arlequin book. Should have it finished tonight.


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