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I go weak…

In the presence of yarn that is discounted.  Today, by chance I popped into the LYS where my Mum lives and all the Bergere yarn is on at half price.  I mean, come on.  How am I meant to avoid an addiction when special offers come at me from every LYS I visit!  In some respects there is a positive as it is more a haberdashery store, and small, so the yarn stock is limited and pretty much Bergere and a James C Brett yarns, so choice is limited.


As I was browsing I spotted this lovely and soft 50% cotton/50% acrylic yarn in a scrumptious autumnal pumpkin colour.  Four balls for just under £7.  How could I resist this temptation?

I’ll be honest… it is highly likely that I will pop back in the morning to pick up some more yarn.  Deals like 50% off don’t come around often, and as we drift into the cooler months of the year, the larger projects eat a lot of yarn.  Grab the deals whilst you can.

As to my Plush Tweed yarn that I purchased (and smuggled back home) I have started on a teddy bear.  No pictures to share as yet, although I will say that I will need to redo the head.  Because the yarn is very chenille in nature, read fluffy, it is really difficult to see the stitches in the row before.  They all blend in to one.  Great for the teddy bear, but hard to crochet.  So, the head ended up too big.  Doing the body I managed to get some peace and quiet, so counting each stitch of the rounds was easier without distraction.

I’ll post some pictures this weekend.  I can already tell it will be lovely and plushy.

Ravelry, here I come, to find some Bergere patterns!!


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