Sneaky peak…

Hey there.  Just thought I would share a pic of the scarf I have been weaving.  If you read the last couple of posts, you will know that I wanted to finish of a scarf that I have been weaving using some Manos del Uruguay yarn that I purchased earlier this year.

So, the weekend just gone I pulled out the loom and made an effort to finish it off.  And today, I managed to finish the last bit and do some Italian hemstitch to allow me to get it off the loom.  I still have to decide about the fringe; leave as is but tidied up or twisted or knotted.  But I can have a think about that over the weekend.  So here it is hung over a door handle.


Not the finished article and although it’s not perfect, I can see some improvement in my selvedge and the overall width.

At least I can now also think about the next weaving challenge, now that the loom is free.

I’ll post a proper finished article with some better photos in the next week or two.

Hope you are all getting ready for the weekend, now we are past Wednesday and on the countdown.  Bank Holiday and a trip to Devon for us.  Fingers crossed for some decent weather.

See ya!


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