It’s a wrap!

Well, a blanket or bedspread actually.  My Never-ending Granny Square is finally finished.  At least I am claiming so despite just three feet of border to go. I was hoping to finish it two weekends ago, mainly as the weather was not particularly nice; wet and moody weather and not conducive to going out.  But when I put it on the bed to see the fit, it’s was still not large enough.

I wanted it to slightly fall over the sides and come to the edge of the pillow and reach the bottom of the bed.  So, I decided to add 6 rounds more and ordered another 6 balls of yarn.  Should be enough.  And I did get to the point I was happy to stop doing the granny rounds and started to finish it off with a nice edging.

I added a two rounds of half double crochets (US term, UK would be half treble) in the dark green and mid-green, then a round of single crochets (UK Double) and a round of double and a chain space in the mid-green.  Then with the lighest green I added a round of single crochets and am now doing a Wavy edging which is adding a round of double crochets (UK Treble) and a round of shells (7 doubles/trebles) on a chain, at the same time.  But I could see my yarn diminishing faster than the round left to complete.  Now and then I added only 6 DC, but I knew I was not going to make much difference.

So, my yarn chicken failed and I am going to have to buy another ball!  Nothing in my stash.

I am really pleased to have reached this point as it means one project down and time freed up to focus on my hit list.  I’ve debated whether I would do a granny square this large again.  The main point with this size, is that it becomes a bit of a labour of love in a way.  Each round takes a long time once it gets to be larger.  The sides on this are 90 clusters each, so 360 clusters in the last round.  And the last 10 rounds or so have been taking between 40 mins, increasing to an hour as each round grows.  A big investment in time for little change in size.

Next time, I think I would do in squares of a smaller size and stitch together.  Granny Squares make up so quickly when small, but are a chore when large.


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