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Friday Roundup #11

Not much crochet action this week.  I’ve been away two nights, and both blankets are too bulky to take with me.  Plus I knew I would have little opportunity to do anything anyway.

Last weekend though, despite having a walk on Sunday, I managed to get well on towards the end of the Never-ending Granny Square bedspread/blanket.  I finished the rounds of granny square clusters (yay!) and started on the edging.

However, like Rachelle at My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures I am playing yarn chicken.  I weighed the remaining lighest green and I was going to be cutting it fine.  Turns out I may not be as lucky as Rachelle!  Halfway through a yarn ball and two sides done, with just under 25g remaining.  I may be stash rummaging to see if I have some stray pieces of the same colour or, I need to revise the number of stitches per shell, or go out and buy some more.

I am going to see how far I get.  I’ll update you tomorrow.

I brought some lovely chunky yarn which needs a 10mm hook/needles.  So I have added some needles to my kit and having a go at knitting it up.  I love the colours; so autumnal and perfect for this time of year.  I am going to try my hand at Moss Stitch.  But at the moment I am doing a swatch of garter.  Doing a couple of inches and seeing how it looks.  This is just to get me back in the habit of holding two needles.


Any suggestions on a good stitch for a chunky yarn?  I am a newbie at knitting.

This is Hayfield Bonus Extravaganza Chunky.  It is a 100% Acrylic yarn with 180 yards/164 metres to its 200g size.  The yarn does have a jute like odour tomit, but I am hoping it will come out in the wash.

If the knitting goes all wrong, then I might atunisian crochet it.  But I am unsure how the colours will work.  At the moment, each stitch in the needle is a different shade or colour to the next.  Watch this space, I guess.

My other blanket is coming on well and after getting back, I got a few more rows completed, so I should be focusing more strongly on this from this weekend onwards.  I really need to think about what is next.  Maybe a rest?  Nah!

I brought some DPNs too for making socks.  Am I being mad?  I usually leap before I look, really testing myself before I master the basics!

Wish me luck! 🙂



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