(Non)Friday Roundup #10

Well, I went to write a roundup last night but the iPad was down to about 5%, so instead I got my crochet out and watched the last episode of Doctor Who on my phone; getting ready for the new series to start on Sunday.  I don’t normally watch it, unless my niece is staying; she is a huge fan.  But given they are making a big change this series with a female Doctor, long overdue, I thought I would watch the first one and see how it goes.  Hence the need to see how the last episode ended.

Anyway, back to crochet. 🙂

I haven’t got much completed this week.  I was hoping Wednesdays evening would have been the time to get quite a bit done, but work got in the way.

So, snatched crochet moments in bed were all I managed and just on the latest chenille blanket.  The only problem then, is that after 4 rows, I can feel my eyes closing.  Moss stitch can be great for that and crochet in general.  If you can get cosy and do a bit of a crochet where the stitches come of the hook automatically, it’s great for distressing the mind and getting you in to a sleep mode.


In terms of that blanket progress I think I am about a fifth of the way through, although I am limited on length due to how many balls of the yarn I have and I am already two balls of each colour in.

It’s not a latest photo, but that piece is upstairs and we have creaky stairs, so I’m not planning on waking the household. 🙂

This morning, the rain is with us and according the weather, it is in until 4pm.  So, crochet day for me.  Time to get the never-ending out, Netflix on and crank out some more rounds.

I can’t be here writing a blog post!  Got to get a move on.  These rounds won’t crochet themselves!

Hope you have a great weekend whatever the weather.


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