Here I go again!

My, my, how can I resist you.

What is it they say about idle hands?  Anyway, mine don’t stay idle long enough!  Still, with two projects in WIP status, I go and add another.  I must be mad.


This is a blanket for my mother in law.  I promised to make one at Christmas last year.  It’s just taken me a while to get yarn together and get started.  But I thought I should make her something before the cold weather sets in.

So this chenille yarn from Sirdar are the ones I found at nearly 50% off and grabbed both boxes.  I’m making it in moss stitch as it comes out quite nice in this bulky yarn and is so softly textured to the touch.  I find it a better stitch than just US double crochet on its own, which tends to be a bit gappy, whereas this feels more solid as a fabric.

I know these are probably more baby colours, but the pastel shades work well I think as alternating stripes.

This is more of a lap blanket, so it’s just 100 chains wide, but I’ll add two rounds or three of a border.  Either in the same colours or in a contrast colour.

Otherwise, work continues on my Never-ending Granny bedspread.  I am currently debating with myself how much of an overhang I want in the sides of the bed.  And at the moment it’s a question of how much longer each round takes to complete and whether I can stay sane. 🙂

I am determined that next weekend may be the finish line for it.  So stay tuned.



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