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Lost Garden FO

I now have a blanket that has been blocked and ends trimmed. So, now it is ready to be boxed up and sent across the pond to its recipient, my niece for her dorm room.

Overall, I am pleased with the end result. The colours work well together, I think. And the pattern is great. I have two errors that would be easy to spot if you looked closely. Both were spotted about a round or two later. No doubt they were the result of a loss of concentration when crocheting in front of the TV. I am treating them as unique elements! I would normally go back and correct, but quite often the ends were already woven in and would have meant serious frogging.

I can live with the slight imperfection. After all, gardens are not always perfect. In my garden, the only thing that grows well is bindweed and brambles 😦

Anyway, on to some FO pictures.

The Lost Garden blanket laid out and blocked
Washed and blocked
A blanket laid over a sofa
Ideal on a sofa to keep you warm
A crochet blanket laid over a single bed
And on a bed

As to the pattern, Helen Shrimpton designs some amazing blankets. They take work and some concentration. And there is a fair bit of counting stitches. But it is worth it.

Helen’s patterns seem fairly easy to follow and the pictures for each round are a big help. I can wholeheartedly recommend having a go and I may well try another of her designs.

For the yarn, Stylecraft Special Double Knitting, I did find this a little splitty at one point, but that could just have been that ball. It is easy to work with and is great for blankets, coming through a wash well and drying nice and soft. The stitch definition is fairly good and the available colour range is wide.

I do seem to have rather a lot left of the green Sage colour. And some of the Wisteria. I would probably go up a hook size to 5mm if I started over. I know others have done this. I shall have to think what to do with that left over yarn.

6 thoughts on “Lost Garden FO

    1. Thank you. It’s an odd thing as I am currently working with a yarn that is not plied, with 5 threads and is easy to split but I accept that as I chose that yarn and knew from last experience. I guess when it’s plied you hope for stability.

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