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Friday Roundup #47-19

This week has been a slow one. There has been almost zero craft activity until yesterday. Well, actually late last night. I was thinking of using up some stash. And the yarn that came to mind was the remains from the Lost Garden blanket. With about 1600 metres, I figured a knit blanket in plain garter stitch would be good.

I found a nice easy pattern on Ravelry from Purl Soho called Colour Block Bias Blanket. Plus a new stitch for me, M1L and M1R.

Things were ok I guess, but not perfect. It was a bit gappy at the start. And the M1L and M1R were being a royal pain in the arse. It was just too tight and I didn’t think I was knitting tight. Overall though, I wasn’t wholly pleased and it was a bit on the thin side. Then I went and dropped a stitch. It can only be kismet, as I just frogged it right away. I guess I’ll use this yarn for crochet instead. I think the pattern is fine. It’s just me or the yarn. Is M1L or R a tricky increase stitch? It didn’t look so on the video.

What I want is something thicker or chunky. I know what I am looking for, but I don’t know that I have the perfect yarn. I do know that I have some James C Brett is a lovely deep blue variegated yarn that would possibly work. It has sat in the back of the larder for ages in the old house. Reason being that when I crocheted with it, I ended up with a blue line on my skin from dye transference, as the yarn slipped around my finger. But maybe if I knit with it, it won’t be as bad. And once washed any unfixed dye will be washed away. Fingers crossed!

Here it is with its 7 year old WIP

I hope I am not the only one with WIPs with age. 🙂

This was meant to be a blanket, crocheted in basket weave which is just blocks of front post stitches. I might give it a go on a little swatch to see how it turns out in garter stitch. After buying this yarn, I do know that I became more wary of buying yarn online when it was in special offer. Especially if it was extra cheap.

Tomorrow I am off to Bristol for a morning of leather craft. This is using up the remainder of my voucher. This time I am making a leather bag. I think there is only 5 of us on the workshop. I, of course, shall be wearing my sneakers from the last workshop I went on. It’s the same tutor, so will be nice to show her the finished article. Here is a reminder. I shall ensure I take lots of pics.

Then, Sunday I am off to the North East for my works annual conference. Going by train, so that’s a joyous 6 hours. 😦

I hope the rest of you have a lovely weekend.

3 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #47-19

  1. I think M1L and M1R get easier the more you do them, but they are tight and frustrating at first. I don’t have any WIPs that old yet, but I have a 4 year old WIP that might not get touched for 3 more years.

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