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Makes from the Past

As you may recall, we moved fairly recently (2 months actually) and one room has remained a bit of a dumping ground because we are waiting for the king bed to arrive from my Mum’s house. She is moving to a house near us but the rooms are a tad smaller. So, as happens we just left that room unfinished and then other stuff was put in there and so on.

Anyway, the bed arrives this week (if I can trust the comptroller pick it up, not much faith at the moment) so we were looking at planning the furniture and moving stuff around. In the process I came across more past projects, so I thought I would share and review these with you as they were all from before I started blogging. So, here goes.

Hat #1

This hat, I love the colour. And the fit is pretty good too. But boy, is it itchy to wear. So much so, I have given up wearing it. I think this one is destined for a wash and gifting. It could just be me that it doesn’t like!

Hat #2

Ok, so this one was when I was learning Tunisian crochet, plus I found the cozy chenille yarn. Whilst I like the blue/mink mix, the top of the hat went all off. It’s just weird. I don’t think I really wore it much. The hat fits ok but it’s no longer for me. Unsure of its future.

Scarf #1

This scarf was early days Tunisian crochet too. As I worked I crocheted one side tighter than the other and as a result it has a curve. It is nice to wear, great for autumn when you don’t want a thick scarf but want to keep the chill away. I would still wear it.

Scarf #2

I really like this scarf for its pattern. This was before I even thought I could hold two needles and yarn and knit, let alone cables. So I searched for a cable pattern scarf in crochet. However, if you do cables in crochet, like knitting it is one sided plus they are more pronounced.

I wanted both sides the same. This achieves it by starting a short chain then creating a connected pocket on which you crochet front posts on one side then the other. Down side, the yarn I used was too thick and so it’s more fashion statement than useful. Plus it’s hugely oversized.

The scarf needs someone that is good looking, tall and slim to make it work. Not short and dumpy like me. I quite often see patterns that look amazing on the model, but are less so on the normal human being.

And ironically, the yarn used for the first scarf is the yarn I should have used for the second, but I went up a weight. Inexperience.

So, that’s my trip down memory lane. Do you have some classics or any ‘oh dear’ moments. Or do they get frogged in to obscurity. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Makes from the Past

  1. Oh Jamie, a dumping room…
    We moved in 15 years ago and the dumping room has got fuller, can hardly open the door now! And in my defence not much if it is crafting😎
    I love the red/orange hat.

    Liked by 1 person

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