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Weekend Warmer

I decided I wouldn’t wait to show you the finished scarf until Friday. So here it is. I finished it off Saturday morning and just hemmed it after getting the grocery shop done. Then this morning in the natural light (and not tired) I trimmed the edges to about 2cm, maybe 3cm in length.

Not a great picture, but I wanted to show the transition in shades. It probably needed a little press too.
And close-up.

I am really pleased with my weaving on this. I am still a newbie really. But working with this yarn and it being so fluffy and soft and not wanting to lose that too much, I was really careful not to beat too hard, just a light beat. I think I managed to keep my weave to a 10 x 10 picks per inch.

I did let it soak for about 10 minutes before drying and trimming the ends. it turned out lovely and light and I have no doubt it will be warm, trapping warm air in its soft and fluffy fabric.

Do I keep this for me, or give it away?

The draft for this is simple.

  • Warp – BC Garn Semilla fino, 100% organic wool, 50g 240m. If you were knitting, it would be 3-3.5mm needles, fingering weight, plied. It seems to be discontinued now.
    • I used almost the full ball. This gave me 96 ends, about 89 inches in length.
  • Weft Colour 1 – Lang Yarns Yara in 005 Grey, 50g 160m. This is around a DK or Aran weight knitting on 4-4.5mm needles.
    • I used 41g or 131.2m
  • Weft Colour 2 – Lang Yarns Yara in 003 Light Grey.
    • I used 39g or 124.8m
    • Weaving width is 9in.
    • (Both Lang Yarns seems to be rare supply.)
  • Sett (EPI) – 10
  • Finished size – after washing, 70in x 8 in wide including a 3cm fringe. My pre-wash woven length was 76in, so there is a 6in shrinkage in length with this warp.
  • Pattern
    • Spread the warp with some waste yarn.
    • Weave 7 inches on Weft Colour 1, hemming the end when 3 inches completed using the Clove-Hitch knot to hem across 2 warp ends each.
    • Change to Weft Colour 2 and weave 2.5inches and then repeat these two blocks until four of each are completed. (If you do a longer scarf, then you will need to recalculate the block sizes accordingly).
    • For the second half start with Weft Colour 1, weave 2.5cm (this is the switch of colour for the second half) then weave 7in of Weft Colour 2. Repeat this until you have 4 blocks of 2.5cm and 4 of 7cm.
    • Hem the end using the Clove-Hitch knot and weave in ends.
    • Cut from loom and soak in a light detergent and a little softener if desired. Dry flat.
    • Either trim ends to a short fringe or twist them into a longer fringe using 4 warp threads per twist, knit then trim. Trim away colour change ends across fabric.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and great week. See you Friday 🙂

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