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Friday Roundup #46-19

The loom has been released again and I should finish this project this weekend. After last weekends activity with the table runner (see below), I want to get something else quick done. And I have to say, the new storage is working as I kept looking at the yarn this week and picked on two balls of Lang Yarn that I picked up when in France.

It’s a lovely soft, furry squishy yarn that reminds me of the dogs. I mean, just look and you can see these could easily be little dogs or cats curled up asleep. They are so furry.

The yarn is a real mix of fibres. There is cotton, Merino, wool, elastase and polyester. The man made I think are just the core. It’s been paired with a 100% wool warp. It’s a little stretchy but it’s ok. But the colour was a perfect match for the furry weft yarn.

And this is what it is becoming.

This is just so soft and light.
My two shuttles loaded up.

I really like this yarn and for a scarf it is lovely. It does remind me of a trusty old scarf you have had for years because of the fluffy edges looking a little worn.

After this I have a plan for a couple of kitchen towels to be created in 100% cotton using the Ricorumi yarn I ordered just recently and some left overs from past towels. I shall keep you posted on how things are going.

But on to my table runner. I teased you with a close up of the twill patterning last week. I was really pleased with this FO. My selvedges held pretty steady across the length of the project and the twill didn’t draw in that much. And this slubby yarn came out just perfect.

This is nearly at the end of the main body of the green weft,

I love the pop of colour the rose red brings to this green and how it looks.

I was going to cut the fringe but with scissors I felt I could easily ruin it with a wonky edge. So, checking on Amazon I found a self healing mat and rotary cutter plus some pins and clips for £19. Plus next day delivery. Arrived Monday morning and trimmed the edges all neat. Perfect. That’s one more Christmas present someone can’t buy for me!

Just needs wrapping up for Christmas

I am sure I will be making another runner for our home before Christmas. But we have a table that seats 8, so it’s got to be a long one. At least now I have the space to be able to add warp to my loom for something that is almost 3 metres.

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