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Friday Roundup #33-19

It’s been a week of variable quality with some days of rain and some of sun, but evenings that are a touch cooler. Tuesday I visited our office in Birmingham and at 11am I looked out the window and thought ‘Wow, this feels like mid afternoon in November.’ It was raining, outside appeared dark and the lights inside where bright.

It’s days like this that put me in a blanket making mood. I like the stage where it’s large enough to start covering your legs and you can settle into to mindless crochet or knitting, a cup of tea or coffee or even hot chocolate, along with a bar of chocolate or a cake! Comfort crafting!

And so, I am thinking about my stash and what is in there. I know I have some lovely yarn that would make a nice and simple garter stitch blanket. It’s soft and squishy and probably more than should be paid for a blanket, but it would be worth it.

It won’t make a big blanket, but could be enough for a lapghan type. The alternative pattern for this is could be a bulky style shoulder cape such as this one, specifically designed for the yarn.

The other yarn in stash that needs using up is this one. Pure wool, boucle style.

Not the best picture

I made a lovely chevron blanket from this and I could do a smaller, shorter lapghan with what remains. If crocheted, it will be granny stitch, as I don’t fancy finding stitches with a hairy boucle yarn. Garter would be ok, I think with this.

Otherwise, I balled up some yarn previously this year and it still is waiting to be crafted. The loom could come out for an airing, although seeing as we are meant to be packing things away to move, I might get dirty looks from the other half.

Before I do that, I need to finish the shawl and I did very little on it this week. I need to get a move on. But this weekend is a ‘sort out cupboards and wardrobes’ weekend. So when I get time, I am unsure.

Hope you have a great crafty weekend.

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