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My Favorite Thing (Things) I’ve Made

Following an idea on Nothingbutknit, here are my favourite things. 1. This is my all time favourite in crochet. It took a while to make and was a real challenge for me in yarn and pattern because I was still fairly new to crochet. I gave it to my sister. 2. My second is the… Continue reading My Favorite Thing (Things) I’ve Made

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Friday Roundup #41-19

These weeks just seem to flying by. It is probably not helped when you are away for two nights on work/socialising/networking at a corporate event. I really did wake this morning thinking it was Thursday. So, I guess it’s quite nice in that respect to be reminded it is a Friday. I did all my… Continue reading Friday Roundup #41-19

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Friday Roundup #36-19

Hard to believe another week has slipped by and you can now see and feel the nights starting draw in and the cooler temperatures arriving in the morning and evenings. Today it really chucked it down and the wind picked up; real autumnal weather. We actually put the gas fire on for a while. Hopefully… Continue reading Friday Roundup #36-19

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Friday Roundup #35-19

Late 2018 into early 2019, I was contemplating redesigning my site, changing the url and freshening it up and I posted about it, so some of you may remember. I had come up with current name on a whim when away on work, and wanting to share my crafting experiences and projects. Plus, become part… Continue reading Friday Roundup #35-19

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Monday Make Update

Ok, so in my last update, I was explaining about what to make next after the shawl. And then Sunday comes along and I decide I can’t wait for the shawl. So yesterday I pulled out the Rowan yarn and checked needle gauge; 12mm required. Closest I have is a 10mm. Regardless, I thought to… Continue reading Monday Make Update