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My Favorite Thing (Things) I’ve Made

Following an idea on Nothingbutknit, here are my favourite things.

1. This is my all time favourite in crochet. It took a while to make and was a real challenge for me in yarn and pattern because I was still fairly new to crochet. I gave it to my sister.

2. My second is the pair of sneakers I made at a leather workshop. I tend to wear them in the spring and autumn (outside of shorts weather) because being stitched, I think they will let in water. But I still think they are cool. I’ll probably make another pair of mid-cut, to wear with shorts.

3. My third is back to crochet and the Lost Garden Blanket by Helen Shrimpton. Made for my niece to go on her college dorm bed. It took a good chunk of time to complete, but I love the colours I chose and the design came out well.

4. My fourth is in glasswork and a combination of two; my fused glass up stand and the stained glass coast scene. This is a new craft, only late last year I tied this, but have been back again and would have had a third trip if not for Covid-19. My course is postponed until sage to work in close proximity of others.

5. Lastly, my first and best knitted hat. My first attempt at cables too. Well second. I made the same hat in a different yarn, but it was very stretchy and the cables didn’t display well. So I knitted again in the worsted blue. Loved the hat, but lost it on the train. So, I knitted a replacement in the brown.

So, there you have it. My five favourite creations. Adding the images has been interesting because WordPress seems to have mixed all my images up, out of sequence, and also when I clicked on some it returned a different image. Very frustrating.

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing (Things) I’ve Made

    1. There is a post back in Mar 19 called Got Good Soles which has a short video. I kept forgetting to take picture of all steps. But you’ve only gone and convinced me to order a new sneaker set. I’ll post in a couple of weeks depending on when it arrives.

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  1. Those are all certainly deserving of their place as “favorites”! The shawl and the blanket are just stunning, and shoes, glasswork, and knits… oh my! Beautiful work 🙂

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  2. Lovely shawl, I know how much hard work goes in to those as I made one myself. Don’t ask me why as I never wear shawls and don’t know any of my friends and family who do. If you crochet though, a shawl has to be done doesn’t it? Mine is sort of ‘displayed’ on a hanger on the side of my wardrobe and very pretty it looks too, waiting until I know somebody with enough taste and elegance to drape themself in it 😉
    Love those sneakers and look forward to the unveiling of the next pair. This is the sort of thing I’d like my husband to make me as I have enough leather bags and jackets and he can only spend so much time amusing himself making plague doctor masks can’t he?

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    1. Thank you. My sister is big on shawls. I am sure yours would look lovely on you. It’s the sort of thing I think is worn on those cooler summer evenings. Crochet can be rather shawl or blankets focussed. He should get a sneaker kit. They have a new sole and patterns, with some summer designs. He would only need the leather and sole kit.

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