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Yarn to be

What do you think about this? I think they must have shorn the sheep here and these are the leftover scraps.

Should I come back with a bag and collect some? Wash it and see if I can card it. I could get a drop spindle.

Thoughts? Or are there reasons you shouldn’t just pick this wool up?


10 thoughts on “Yarn to be

  1. A long time ago I took one of the dogs on a scent training course with a lady shepherd and she said her sheep’s wool was no good for anything and she couldn’t give it away. My neighbour has Zwartbles sheep which has wool which felts well and is a good spinner. Though I use lots of wools for felting it was back then that I realised that each type of wool has different properties, just like the milks and meats. You could at least give it a go, it would be a bit of fun.

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