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Friday Roundup #35-19

Late 2018 into early 2019, I was contemplating redesigning my site, changing the url and freshening it up and I posted about it, so some of you may remember. I had come up with current name on a whim when away on work, and wanting to share my crafting experiences and projects. Plus, become part of a wider community of knit and crochet bloggers. But, I often felt I made a naming decision in haste.

I put some thought into a new name, which checked out on the domain name search and ‘click’, I purchased that name. I explored transitioning websites and it seemed a bit complex and WordPress doesn’t seem to make it easy. Plus, I didn’t want downtime on my current site. Other providers have staging areas to rebuild a copy of your site and get it right before publishing.

Things got put on hold and even though I had designed some logos and heading images, I started to cool on the new name. I decided I would take my time and come up with something better. So, when driving last weekend, I came up with something that seemed ideal. Even now, I still think it could be good, but I can’t shake my hesitation. So I may not use it.

“What’s the name, Jamie?” I hear you cry. Well, the name I thought of is Crafternoon Delights. I checked it on domain search and it came up available. I did think it was odd it had not already gone and this made me wonder why. Knowing I had modified a song title, I did a search and saw that others had searched “Afternoon Delights meaning”. Here was came up.

Afternoon Delight is the name of a 1976 song by the Starland Vocal Band. … Because of the song’s popularity, afternoon delight has become well-recognized as a term for a midday sexual encounter, often between or instead of scheduled events.

Ok. Not what I was thinking it meant. Clearly, being born in the 70’s meant I missed out on that piece of slang because I was too young. If you want a laugh, watch the clip from the Anchorman film below. WARNING! This song will get in your head.

Well, that name is sort of out of the frame, but I can’t help thinking it would be a cheeky one to use. My mischievous side peeking out. With a site name like that would I have to start crocheting thongs and backless chaps and lord knows what else. Needless to say, I’m back on the search for now.

Blanket update

As to the crochet, I’ve been a bad boy and done nothing. Nada. Zip. Niet. I worked on it as much as I could over the Bank Holiday weekend, but that must have tired me out. It’s odd because it’s such an easy, subconscious stitch to work in front of the TV. Here is where I am at currently. And I have 6 balls of yarn remaining, which is about 6 stripes, 5 if I do a border. It’s definitely a lap blanket. I seem to consume the yarn rather quickly as you can see from the varied stripe widths, which I am not overly concerned about, some last longer than others.

Blanket progress in boucle yarn stripes.
Halfway through.

We shall get there fairly quickly with some focus this weekend.

In other news…

I’m not what would be classed as a fan of shoe shopping. I get what I need, when I need it and wear things until they are done. But I do like to visit the local shoe shop where my Mum lives. They have some very nice shoes, something different albeit pricey. Well, I fell for these beauties, but I resisted the temptation. Although if I see them on sale, they will be snapped up. I just love that colour and detailing. The finish on them has real depth of painted leather, almost jewel-like.

Hand,ade leather shoe in blue painted leather.
What do you think?
Blue leather shoe from side view.
Love the little blue detail in the sole.

So, that’s the Roundup. Hope you have loads of things planned for the weekend. And to my US followers and readers, have a lovely Labor Day weekend.

9 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #35-19

  1. I am old enough to remember when Afternoon Delight was on the airwaves. I laughed when I read your proposed site name and think it is a fun choice.
    On another note, I love your shoe photographs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well that had me giggling! Try not to think of a name and one will come along. Just at the wrong moment when you have no way of noting it down usually. 🙄😄 My hubby wore shoes like those, in a beautiful tan combo, to our wedding. The blue are really lovely.


  3. I think you should go back and buy those shoes, expensive or not. They are wonderful.
    Crafternoon Delight would still be a great name, and one that would make all of us giggle when we visit.


  4. Love the name – so what if it’s got cheeky connotations – those in the know won’t mind and those who aren’t probably wouldn’t mind either. Although I have got the bloomin’ song in my head now so I’ll have to go and listen to something else now otherwise it will drive me mad all day.
    If you have the right clothing to go with them, you must get those shoes – they are fab!


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