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Friday Roundup #36-19

Hard to believe another week has slipped by and you can now see and feel the nights starting draw in and the cooler temperatures arriving in the morning and evenings.

Today it really chucked it down and the wind picked up; real autumnal weather. We actually put the gas fire on for a while. Hopefully we can resist turning the heating back on for a while longer. Mind you, we move in two weeks into a modern, recently built home, so I am hoping it will feel warmer anyway and cost us less to heat.

As a consequence of moving, we’ve been busy trying to get rid of all the stuff we just don’t need or use anymore. So, not a lot of crochet time for me. I did manage to add a little more to the blanket, but it’s going slow. Not because it’s difficult, just no time.

I was away two days and this week coming I am away from Monday until Thursday morning. Another trip to Amsterdam for a conference.

But anyway, here is the progress shot.

Slowly but surely…

I’ll be trying to get some more done this weekend, most likely in front of the TV and after packing boxes but I think more likely after taking down my polytunnel. The tomatoes won’t like it but if I leave it another week, I risk dismantling it in the rain because it will be Sods Law it rains. This weekend is supposed to be good weather.

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #36-19

  1. I swear Mother actually says, ‘Ooh September, I’ll turn the thermometer down a bit’! We’ve had the fire lit a couple of times this week and the leaves have that yellowing look. Good luck with the move too.


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