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Friday Roundup #37-19

Wow! This week I am exhausted. Flew out on work Monday morning, returned Thursday morning. Come Friday, I really was not in the mood, but I soldiered on.

To top it all, no alcohol either tonight. I have finally decided, enough is enough, and by that I mean extra weight I am carrying. So the alcohol is going to a no go area as is bread. I find it way to easy to just make a sandwich for lunch. I have toast in the morning which invariably has peanut butter slathered on it and sometimes there will be pasta in the evening. Waaay to many carbs.

It’s not long until Christmas. You know it! It will be around before you can remember all the words to White Christmas. And we all know that they will be piping Christmas carols into the shops before long. And because of this impending auspicious date in the calendar, I want to try and get rid of some weight. I’d be happy with one stone to get me started. And bread and wine are my culprits.

Don’t get me wrong, come Christmas I shall be back with a glass in my hand to celebrate. I’ve not completely lost my mind 🙂

But this got me thinking about what I want for Christmas. And with us moving, I shall have a bigger study so I thought I might ask for a Loom stand like the one below.

link to

I think this will be good to have as it will keep the dining table free, the new place tidier and I can sit and watch TV too as I weave. This is the cheapest I have seen at the moment so it’s going on my wish list.

Other than this stand, I can’t really think of much else. Are you all similar? We get to a certain age and have almost everything we need and gift ideas become rare. So often my usual reply to others is “Just get me a gift card for M&S” or some other chain store.

What’s the one thing that you would really like for Christmas?

As to the event itself, this year we are going to Saundersfoot again. We managed to rent the same house we stayed in 3 years ago. My sis and her two kids are over from Columbia, SC and it worked perfectly last time as we all had space to spread out. The house overlooks the town and the beach, being at the top of a hill. Another reason to lose weight for Christmas, so I can climb the hill easily. More on this later. I have some pictures somewhere.

Project Work

Well, as you might guess, the work on the blanket has been limited this week. So it has only grown by one colour band. But I only have two balls left of yarn and a part ball for edging which means I am almost done and can move onto something new. And because you can’t see much change, no picture. I am going to wait until it is done this weekend.

This weekend I am determined! Determined to finish a project and start a diet!

Have a great weekend.

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