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Monday Make Update

Ok, so in my last update, I was explaining about what to make next after the shawl. And then Sunday comes along and I decide I can’t wait for the shawl. So yesterday I pulled out the Rowan yarn and checked needle gauge; 12mm required. Closest I have is a 10mm. Regardless, I thought to have a crack at a swatch to see how it looks. Nah! Not impressed. The boucle messes with the lovely scrunchy-ness of the garter stitch and it loses definition. The swatch was still nice and squishy but the look wasn’t right, it just looked messy. So, I unpicked it until I get the 12mm needles and I’ll rethink.

But I did not let that stop me and I started in the other yarn, also boucle, in shades of white and grey. I use the no beginning chain method with this fuzzy yarn because it’s easier than trying to crochet into boucle chain stitches.

Ch3, US triple in to first stitch, chain 3, US triple into the previous triple/chain space and continue to length needed. No turn once at the end, just ch5 and 3 US dc in the space etc depending on what you intend to do stitch wise, if not granny stitch. It’s very easy – check out the video from MamasStitchery.

And this is where I am at; 2 balls in now. This yarn is discontinued now, and what I have would only make something that covers the legs. I want it longer than that as it can then also cover the foot of a double bed. I found 5 more balls on some grey shade and dark grey/brown on EBay. Once I have done this round, I shall await the delivery before continuing.

Boucle yarn in granny stitch
Love this yarn

So there you go, another project started which means less room on the sofa. :). If I leave them out, they will get done. Put them away and they will hibernate.

Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Monday Make Update

  1. Interesting that you leave unfinished projects out on the sofa as I do the same with the one I am working on with other current ones in bags on chairs! Never crocheted with boucle wool. Yours looks pretty.

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