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Friday Roundup #32-19

Here we are, a week in to being back from holiday and I am so glad the weekend is finally here. And we have had some rain at last where I am. Others may have been fed up with the rain up north, but it has been so dry here on the South Wales coast.

My tomato plants were still alive, if overgrown, but nothing ripened yet. Just turning red now. Normally they would be well into ripening now, but I was late getting them in.

This week I have been away overnight and so, keen to race to the finish line on the Lost Garden blanket, I folded it up and added it to my suitcase. I managed to finish the 3rd from last round and the penultimate round yesterday. And tonight, yay, I completed the final row. I have to wonder at my sanity though. Who crochets a blanket in the middle of summer? Yet, loads of CALs come out for blankets at this time as we all head to summer. We must be mad!

Laid out on my hotel bed.

Not the best lit picture, but it is looking good. This is when I had two rounds left. It will be great on a single. To make it double, it may get a bit larger with a blocking, but last night I was wondering whether it could take another couple of rounds. What am I thinking! Leave it, it’s fine. Does anyone else think like this? The little ‘what ifs’ towards the end of a project.

If the weather clears and brightens up a bit, I shall get some finished pictures to share. The weather is not forecast to be too good so I might make some jam from frozen strawberries; got to clear out the freezer and make room for other things. Mow the lawn would be another chore for the weekend but unsure that will happen.

But if wet, I should crack on with the shawl and get that moving again. I might also have a think about Christmas makes. That time is creeping up on us again. If I do, I shall share with you next weekend.

Have a great one.

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