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Friday Roundup #31-19

We have certainly covered some miles/kilometre this holiday, but it’s good to be back in the UK. Just a few days left of the holiday now – back to work on Monday and a tonne of emails to work through and catch up on.

I always dread the back to work day, in case some s**t has hit the fan! Fingers crossed.

I mentioned last that I would post a video of the huge long beach we visited in Brittany, so here you go.

Sorry about the swaying motion – I was paddling!

It really was an amazing beach, one that you could really spread out on and escape the crowds.

Our visit to Cornwall was lovely also. We stayed on the beach is a lovely room with a window overlooking the beach and all the activity. You can have rooms with balconies and also they do large beach huts that literally open pretty much onto the beach. They do have a barrier wall, probably for high tide but more to separate you from the beach folk.

Here are some pictures from our trip. The beach is privately owned but open to the public. At mid tide it’s cut off except for the road and steps from above. Low tide, you can walk to the beaches either side. The beach two down is called Lusty Glaze – fab name.

Stormy beach scene
Our arrival day was rather stormy but still amazing.
The next day was completely different.
Where we stayed – our window was the first roof level window. The beach huts are right at the front.
Sunset from within the cave.
I love this photo of a moody sunset reflected in the wet sand. Looks almost surreal.
The rocks were smothered with mussels – love the deep blue in these – almost glowing.

A lovely place to stay, Tolcarne Beach Village, with a great restaurant also. Would definitely go back again.

On to crochet. The scarf resided in the boot of the car for a week as we travelled back from France with a couple of stops. Too much to get out and take to the room for a short period of time. So, little change except for today. But here is a picture. You can just see the colour change coming through. The sparkles look better in the flesh, so to speak.

So, there is still work to be done. I shall hopefully get more done tomorrow. Today was spent buying a laptop for my mum and getting that set up.

Once I get back home, I have a few rounds left on the blanket, then I can wash and pin it out to its best shape and look. Then a concerted effort to finish the shawl and then onto the coverup dress.

But, beach tomorrow and last pics of the holiday.

Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #31-19

  1. Wow, that place looks amazing. One day I want to go to back to Cornwall. I’ve been once before but it was pouring with rain the whole time. And yes, those mussels are a fantastic colour. They match your crochet.

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