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Friday Roundup #30-19

Unfortunately I have little more to share with you this time what with posting on Wednesday, although we did go to the most amazing long beach I shared a picture of midweek. I also noticed I posted two 28-19, so corrected the previous and we are now at 30. Just 22 weeks of 2019 – scary. Here are some more travel pics. I do have a video, but just can’t get it to upload today. Maybe next post.

Gently rolling surf onto a sandy beach
The little dots are kite surfers
Patterns left in the sand by receding surf
Ever change beach scape
Miniature channels left by water draining from sand
Example of interest; water channels left as it drains from the sand

I am not one of those people that can just sit on a beach. I quickly get bored, so you would usually find me down at the waters edge, watching how things change after each wave, searching for an interesting stone or shell. Or simply just listening and watching the surf rolling in and out,

My shawl is getting larger, although slowly. I just came across a missed chain 1 and thought, I could get away with it, then came across another, so a frogging session is required. Hence, no picture of progress, but just under half way I think.

Onto the champagne city of Reims next before heading to the south coast of England for the last part of our holidays.

Stay tuned for WIP updates and maybe some more travel pics.

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