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A View of Brittany and a WIP.

We are a few days into our holidays now and based in Port Louis. It’s a lovely little town with some cobbled streets, a good selection of restaurants and all a stones throw from the beach. The place we’re staying at has a little lane to the side that leads to the waters edge and makes for some lovely early morning walks with the dog before it gets too hot. Temperatures are around 28C at the moment although other parts of France are set to see it higher still this week.

Here are a few pictures of the local area.

Clear blue sea and sky with a sandy beach at Gâvres in France
View from the port at Gâvres
Calm water lapping at the edge of the beach with the town Port-Louis in the background
View from the water’s edge to Port-Louis
Sea Holly in silver and blue foliage
Sea Holly at the sand dunes
Standing stones at Ménec, France.
There are over 3000 visible, with many below water level due to sea levels rising.
Sea holly and a bee
A busy bee.
View of a long curving beach close to Gâvres.
This beach is soooo long! This view is almost replicated the other way.
Has to be done when in France. 😋

Crochet work is coming on. The first section repeat is complete and I am now on to the second repeat. I am hoping to see the colour changes soon. It’s not one I can skip some yardage on as the pattern calls for 750 metres and that’s all I have. I am hoping that it all works out.

Picture of crochet work and yarn laying on a pebble beach

I love the blue sparkle which reminds me of the sparkle of sunlight on ripping seas, although I think it could be moon light given the depth of this deep blue.

This yarn can be tricky as it is not plied. But you soon get used to it. Although I did find only one 4mm hook in my pack. And not one I would choose for this. The pointed tip is great, but the pointed hook part catches, so I am going slower than normal. The good thing is, I know where my 4mm metal hook is – it’s at home on my desk!

The yarn is 50% Cotton, 50% Polyacryl. It is machine washable at 30C but I would put in a net bag to prevent it catching. There are 5 threads, one being the glitter, and across the gradient there are four shades of blue for dark to light. Currently of the four threads, 3 are dark and one lighter. This will change to be 2 and 2, then one of the dark blue will change to a lighter blue in 2, 1, 1 order and so on. It is usually knitted tightly and as only one three, the knot is small.

As is usual for me and many others, wherever we go, we search out the local LYS. As luck would have it, on a visit to Auray, we happened to be just 400 mtrs from one called Le Hérisson Angora. I knew I had found it when I came across these beautified bollards.

Knit or crochet bollard coverings on the kerb

I didn’t get a picture of the shop itself, but it had quite a few shelves of yarn, typical of a Europe mainland shop such as Katia. DMC was also represented, but there was one I had not come across before called Lang Yarns. I purchased a 50:50 blend of virgin wool and Acrylic. It’s machine washable at 30C and knits/crochet with a 6 – 7 mm needle/hook. At 380 mtrs it’s long enough for some mid size accessories.

Multicoloured yarn in hues of orange, green, blue

The other yarn I purchased, also Lang Yarns, is a right old blend of 41% cotton, 33% mohair, 14% extrafine merino, 11% nylon and 1% elastane. It’s very soft and fuzzy. Machine washable at 30C without softener. Each ball is 160 mtrs and I picked up two in shades of grey. I am thinking some nice warm hats or maybe gloves for winter.

Two balls of fuzzy yarn in shades of grey.

So, more yarn added to my stash! But it’s gotta be done when abroad. Hasn’t it?

Hope you have a good rest of the week. Catch you Friday.

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