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Holiday Crochet Planning

Three days until we head off for our holiday to France. I am looking forward to it, a little nervous, and wondering how I am going to fit a weeks work into two days along with that knowledge, you can’t just carry the work over. 😟 No doubt I shall pick up an email or… Continue reading Holiday Crochet Planning

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Friday Roundup #8-20

Back around to another Friday and hard to believe we are not far away from March. I do think we want to rush through January because we have all had enough of those early nights, wet weather and dreary skies, and long for brighter evenings and mornings, blue skies and sunny warm days. Before you… Continue reading Friday Roundup #8-20

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Friday Roundup #7-20

The problem with rainy days, is that sometimes being stuck in the house means you find other jobs that needing doing, rather than the crafting you wish you were doing. That’s what happened to me last weekend. I needed to cram the outside jobs into Saturday because it was dry. But then, I put together… Continue reading Friday Roundup #7-20

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Friday Roundup #31-19

We have certainly covered some miles/kilometre this holiday, but it’s good to be back in the UK. Just a few days left of the holiday now - back to work on Monday and a tonne of emails to work through and catch up on. I always dread the back to work day, in case some… Continue reading Friday Roundup #31-19

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Friday Roundup #30-19

Unfortunately I have little more to share with you this time what with posting on Wednesday, although we did go to the most amazing long beach I shared a picture of midweek. I also noticed I posted two 28-19, so corrected the previous and we are now at 30. Just 22 weeks of 2019 -… Continue reading Friday Roundup #30-19