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Holiday Crochet Planning

Three days until we head off for our holiday to France. I am looking forward to it, a little nervous, and wondering how I am going to fit a weeks work into two days along with that knowledge, you can’t just carry the work over. 😟

No doubt I shall pick up an email or two on Friday, which I don’t mind as it’s a travel day.

But obviously, I need to think about what I shall make when away, so I headed to Ravelry to have a gander.

My search started with a yarn weight and length because I figured to use up this 1000 metre ball from Wollium.

I was planning to use this in a dress, but I don’t have anyone measured up.

I found this pattern called Dawn in the Woods. I like the edging on it, which immediately made me wonder how it had be crocheted. I downloaded the pattern and scanned the website comments. Seems there were quite a few comments about issues with understanding the decreases. I had a look at the pattern and it is a bit thin in detail there. So whilst I like it, I don’t want to be head scratching during holiday. It’s meant to be relaxing.

I then searched for Wollium yarn and checked the projects listed. I found this pattern called Ino. I love the look of it and I like Silke Terhorst patterns having done one or two before. The only thing with this is that it is only in German, so I would be working from the chart only. But not a problem, sometimes that’s a good thing.

Then I searched under Silke and found this one called Thetis. The style is nice and I think it would show the gradient well.

The good thing with Silke’s patterns is that she used Wollium yarns a lot, so I should be good knowing the pattern was created with this yarn in mind.

I do have one project in WIP, hibernating. But the yarn is so dark blue, it was frustrating me. So while I really should dig it out and take with me, it’s going to stay hibernating for now.

So, it’s either Ino or Thetis, but I need to make a decision by Thursday because I’m not buying two! And I need to print it out.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Crochet Planning

    1. It is. I am leaning towards Thetis, as I think I could get that done within the two weeks. Mainly down to there being no pineapple style edging. Last time I did a shawl like that on holiday, I was already halfway through. Maybe I’ll save Ino for another month. Thanks 😊


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