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Friday Roundup #7-20

The problem with rainy days, is that sometimes being stuck in the house means you find other jobs that needing doing, rather than the crafting you wish you were doing.

That’s what happened to me last weekend. I needed to cram the outside jobs into Saturday because it was dry. But then, I put together an Ikea table and came away with a flipping blister in the middle of my palm. Right where it creases when you close your hand. So, when it came to Sunday, I did anything that avoided that hand position, which meant no knitting or crochet.

I did manage to change out the doubles up pattern yarns for a thicker single strand of wool yarn. Of course, I had to make a mistake and cut both ends when I should have cut one. It just made it more tricky to incorporate securely. Now, I just need to weave.

A reminder of what I hope to weave.

We are away this weekend for four nights. Unfortunately, Storm Denis has decided he will arrive Friday night and stay for two days! How inconsiderate. Unless the weather breaks for us, we won’t be going out anyway, so my plan was to take my weaving and the knit hat to finish. In the rush to leave I only remembered the hat. The weather forecast says greater than 80% chance of rain from 9 am Saturday to 6 pm Sunday; no breaks. Monday is fine, so is Tuesday, but that’s when we head home. 😦 But four days off is fab regardless.

I’m getting some blood tests taken next Wednesday to check for diabetes and cholesterol levels. The optician suggested it as he saw what might have been a bleed at the back of my eye; a possible side effect of diabetes. Best to get it checked. I have had my blood pressure checked and the nurse said it was perfect. Although, I note from online that it is just in Normal, but a good way from High Blood Pressure. Fingers crossed for further positive news.

Work is doing its best to crap on me, but trying to stay focused and positive and not let it get to me. I am looking forward to 4 days off, even if the rain is thundering down.

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