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FO Sunday Update

With storm Dennis battering our shores and us not able to get out for long between rain showers, I pulled out my Hat WIP that has been on the needles since Christmas. I started work on it yesterday morning and soon realised after completing a row that I should have been doing a 3/3 LC instead. I debated momentary about frogging back a row. But common sense prevailed and I just thought “Nah! It will be hardly noticeable”.

Continuing with the pattern I then goofed again and K2TOG instead of K2. Doh! Now I am at this point 2 rows from the end as I am in the crown decreases. Again, I thought, “Just roll with it!”. Especially as I had been doing some SSK. Although I found them a pain so I did the alternative original method of slip, knit then slip the slipped stitch back over and off. So my next round was a modification but it all worked out and I was casting off. 🙂

Modelled by a hare statue.

When it came to move to DPNS, I suddenly thought I had left them at home as I had removed my needle roll from the bag. But luckily, I still had my circulars pack and I had put my 5mm DPNS in there. Phew! There was also a knot in the yarn from where the manufacturer had joined two yarns. I was not in the mood for cutting it out and weaving in extra ends, so close to the finish line. I tried to get it on the inside, but it wouldn’t and so I simply rolled with it. I think that’s it on the top left-side.

As to the fit, you may recall I mentioned I had added a repeat in my blue version; the one that got lost. So, I thought this might be too tight. It has turned out ok. It is what I would call snug, but not so tight it feels like your head is being squished.

The dog is currently relaxing while we wait for this morning’s rain to pass by.

The modelling hare is on the mantelpiece.

We did get out yesterday for lunch in the village, despite the wind and the rain. Although the rain was not as bad as we thought it might be. It was more like rain drops in the wind, so we were only mildly damp when we got back. This afternoon is supposed to be much better. I might start a blanket as I have some yarn with me for it. Just simple garter stitch.

Have a great Sunday.

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