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#6-20 – The Saturday Catch-up

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, here is #6; my catching up post.

I had some errands to run on Thursday; the vet for the dog’s eye and then ironically, the opticians for my glasses. The varifocals they put in were completely wrong, despite me saying multiple times that the ones I wear have hardly any soft focus at the edges. That probably serves me right for going to a different one more local than my usual in the centre of Cardiff. But anyway, I also popped in to the food shop and saw those lovely, bright pink stems of rhubarb, so prevalent at this time of the year. I snapped up a bag.

And that evening made a jar of soft-set jam or compote, if you prefer. I love the smell of jam making. It fills the house. I also saw this as my first steps back into handmade activities, even if there is no yarn in sight.

This jar of heavenly delight is delicious and this morning, it topped my fruit and yoghurt.


By all accounts, tomorrow is going to be hideous with Storm Ciara bringing non-stop rain and strong winds. Today is the day for getting out and about. Tomorrow, I think, will be a crafting day.

In the meantime, I am going to wash the car.

5 thoughts on “#6-20 – The Saturday Catch-up

  1. That looks delicious! This is the first year Hubby hasn’t forced his rhubarb but he’s expanded his crown collection by 3 so he’ll be at it again next year! Rhubarb and elderflower is a lovely combination too.

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